Big news in the world of cycling today. At the start of the final stage of the 21-stage Gira d’Italia, Canadian cyclist Ryder Hesjedal (pictured) trailed Spanish cyclist Joaquim Rodriguez by 31 seconds. But as the cyclists raced through the 30 km course on the streets of Milan, Hesjedal managed to overtake Rodriguez, becoming the first Canadian to win one of cycling’s Grand Tour events.

With the victory, Hesjedal, who honed his cycling chops on the mountainous terrain in and around Victoria, B.C., becomes a favourite to win the next event on the Grand Tour, the Tour de France, which starts on June 30.

An Olympic berth on the Canadian team also possibly beckons. Although I recall hearing the other day that he might not be appointed to the team, partly because of concern he might be too drained from his two previous races in Italy and France to compete effectively at the London games which run July 27-Aug. 12. Questions also exist about whether his skill-set as a cyclist is best-suited to the London course which apparently places a premium on sprinting as opposed to the type of strength and endurance you need when the course is more mountainous.

Regardless, congrats to Hesjedal.

In a related noted, I spotted this post by an aquaintence in Regina on Facebook this morning:

There are two kinds of people in this world: Hippies, who sometimes dress up like cowboys because it makes them happy, and who have the audacity to try and ride their double bicycles safely home to the north end, and those who are man enough to patrol the streets in their jacked up trucks, hurling insults and beer bottles at those bicycle riding fags…. I am a patient man, Regina, but even so all I can promise you is another two chances. Please stop fucking it up.