Day two started with a Saskatchewan celebrity sighting while watching Blitzen Trapper. The Sheepdogs showed up to enjoy a few days of music before they hit the Sasquatch! Mainstage Monday afternoon. They were their typical stoic selves, didn’t say much, were cordial and posed for a photo.

I took my first wrong turn of the festival yesterday afternoon. I was trying to make it to Alabama Shakes but ended up going to the wrong stage. I’ll blame it on the heat – but it took me a while to realize I was watching Fred Armisen and the cast of Portlandia. It was a popular show and drew a crowd that erupted when Fred asked who was from Portland. I had a couple chuckles, gained my bearings and ran over to catch the rest of Alabama Shakes.

I couldn’t take any pictures of Alabama Shakes because of my misadventure, but still got to enjoy  the show. Brittany Howard is such a powerful woman, with a soulful voice. Her tantalizing guitar rips held the audience captive. It was the first new music of the day and now I’m their newest fan.

Meet super happy guy. That’s it.

Second new music find– Helio Sequence. I’m a tad behind on discovering this band, they have been around since 1999. But better late than never, right? The alt-rock duo had a solid following of fans. Their long awaited album is coming out this fall.

I must thank the knowledgeable prairie boy, Thomas Lee, for pointing out a cool perk Sasquatch! offers. They have an area called Easy Street where you can purchase records, and CDs of the bands that play throughout the weekend, and for an extra $3 they hold on it until the band has a signing. This fellow didn’t pick up a record, but asked the members of Helio Sequence to sign his shirt, they obliged.

Sunset day two

St. Vincent – this girl can play guitar! The beginning of her set was a bit distracting though, she was having all sorts of trouble with her inner ear mic, and she let the sound crew know it.  From the looks she was sending them, I wouldn’t mess with her. This gal is tough.

A group of us caught moth syndrome when we saw the Wolfgang Gartner set from on top of the hill. We kicked it into high gear to catch the dance party, made for some great photos too.

All dressed up in a suit, his set didn’t disappoint the devoted fans.  He most likely was born with a guitar in his hands. Overheard at show – ‘Jack White looks like Edward Furlong from the second Crow movie’.

Weather Update: Day two was way warmer than the first day. It got to 22 degrees, and was pretty windy. Still at night you have to bundle up, it dropped to around 9 degrees at night. Today is the warmest day so far. It’s 24, and little wind.