1 BLACK IS BACK Canada is allowing Lord Conrad Black back into the country following his release from a Florida prison this week. The media mogul is expected to be released Friday following a 42 month sentence for obstruction of justice and fraud.  More back-scratching for well-known jerks. It’s a bad sign that I’m not even that upset. Complaining is my specialty. Maybe I’m disappointed? Or desensitized.  At least Mulcair is re-instilling a bit o’ passion into the issue, it’s impossible to watch him red-faced and shouty and not feel something.

2 ON THE WAY OUT President Obama was in the Afghan capital  of Kabul yesterday for a surprise visit, announcing ‘peaceful’ exit plans by 2014. ‘Peaceful’ exit doesn’t mean US troops will be leaving behind a peaceful Afghanistan, apparently. Obama’s very convincing assertions about reduced violence during his visit/photo-op were deflated by the suicide bombing that killed 7 people a mere 90 minutes after his departure. If that weren’t enough, the Taliban announced this morning that their ‘spring offensive’ starts tomorrow.

3 NEWS ON ONE OF THE REGIONS WE NEVER HEAR ABOUT! ANNNND IT”S GOOD! Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was sworn into Parliament today following 49 years of military rule in the country. Suu Kyi, daughter of independence figure Aung San, is expected to usher in a culture of political change, transitioning away from the military rule which has dominated the region in the last century.  More on this here.

4 OH! AND APPARENTLY NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING WORTH REPEATING ABOUT THE STADIUM PLANS More ambiguous figures have been released about the publicly (or privately) funded open-air (or retractable roof) stadium/revitalization project/rail-yard revamp/mess. I’ve seen so many different ‘plans’ and images in the last few weeks, my head might fly off. For those who haven’t given up trying to decipher what can only be considered deliberate attempt to convolute what should be accessible information, check it out here, here and here. Clarification is promised for Friday.