I’m working on a story for the upcoming prairie dog about the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association’s press conference earlier this afternoon, in which its president — or Fearless Leader, or Grand Pooh-Bah — Ron Goetz, says his organization is calling for Bill Hutchinson’s head (Hutch, the Sask. Party MLA for Regina South, is the minister responsible for tourism and culture, for which the Sask. Film industry is his domain). If you’re looking for the story, maybe CBC or CJME has something posted about the press conference, but you’ll have to wait until next week for full blanket prairie dog coverage or whatever passes for it.

Meanwhile, there was an anti-abortion rally at the Legislature, which was also held today. According to PD’s John Cameron, seven Sask. Party MLAs showed up for the rally.

I didn’t see anybody from the Sask. Party at the SMPIA thing. Then again, the pro-lifers weren’t calling for one of their friends to get canned.

What does the Sask. Party have against entrepreneurs, anyway?