So U.S. President Barack Obama had an interview with ABC news this a.m., and announced that he now officially supports same-sex marriage. “Personally,” that is. But he’s not promising to do anything about it and he supports states’ alleged rights to ban it.

Here’s the actual  ABC report that has quality video. Here’s Canada’s Xtra! on this. Here’s another report. Here’s another. Here’s yet another. Here’s awesome Dan Savage.

Here are some bigots who think blocking other people’s rights somehow protects their own rights. You don’t have to click on that one.

And here’s a merely adequate version of video, if you want to save time and just get to it:

Opinions: first off, there is no “evolution” going on here. Not even metaphorically. Obama has supported same-sex marriage for a long time. He just lied about it because the United States is a deranged and super homophobic country, and he wanted to get elected president. This is that one case where “evolution” is really and truly a buncha baloney.

Second, Obama’s a jerk and a weenie for not just declaring he’ll do everything in his power to make sure every gay and lesbian American has the right to get married regardless of the wishes of their particular state’s dumbass redneck assholes (I’m looking at you, North Carolina). You don’t put civil rights directly onto ballots.

Third, this is feeble politics. A bold stance would cause the awful Republicans to publicly self-destruct even more than they already are on an issue where the tide has turned and their party’s on the wrong side of the current.

But I guess it’s a baby step.

That’s one straight Canadian’s two bits.