1 SAD ANNIVERSARY Today is the 22nd anniversary of Jim Henson’s death. This photo from his memorial service says it all.

2 WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, BRAD … while you’re so busy defending Saskatchewan’s economic status quo from Thomas Mulclair, maybe you want to explain why Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sector has declined since you took office? (Which would prove Mulclair’s point.) Don’t worry. I can wait.

3 THEN AGAIN, BRAD WALL IS REALLY GLAD THOMAS MULCIAR IS AROUND As long as Brad Wall keeps the press gallery captivated with his Captain Saskatchewan act, he hopes he doesn’t have to answer questions about why the film industry he boosted in 2011 is the same industry he wants to move to Manitoba in 2012.

4 CANADIAN MILITARY SPENDING OUT OF CONTROL If the combat department was as out of control as the military procurement department, I would expect the Canadian Armed Forces to start invading countries on its own.

REMEMBER WHEN THE UNITED NATIONS DIDN’T HAVE NAYTHING TO EMBARRASS US WITH? I haven’t been able to find the clip on line yet, but apparently Senator Mike Duffy, Immigration Minister Jason Kenny, and Sun News Network host Ezra Levant joked about the United Nations senior official who noted the prevalence of hunger in Canada. Those guys don’t look as if they’ve missed a buffet table – let alone a meal – in their lives. But what they would have had to say wouldn’t appear as far on the ridiculous meter as this woman. At least former Report on Business editor David Olive has a conscience about this.

TIME TO SWITCH SIDES, MITCHELL BLAIR Blair is the only Seattle Seahawks fan that I know of. Which is too bad. For him. There’s another team in CenturyLink Field that’s doing better than the Seahawks, but Mitchell may fear getting European-style cooties from them.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN For some reason NASA is hiring will.i.am from The Black Eyed Peas to write a song about space exploration. Why bother? The Beastie Boys did it better: “Intergalactic”.