If you listen to This American Life, you’ve been hearing about their May 10 live show for weeks now. If you’re like me, you’ve gone ahead and assumed that it wouldn’t be shown in Regina. If you’re again like me, you’ve even been watching, a little bitterly, as TAL‘s Twitter account tells people yes, you can watch the show streamed live in theatres in all corners of the U.S. If you’re again also like me, you’ve given up on owning a bed for the time being. (That one’s beside the point, but if you wanted to drop off a nice bed at the prairie dog offices, I wouldn’t object.)

Well, I was wrong. The Galaxy will be streaming the live broadcast of This American Life‘s upcoming live show. #WHYQR, indeed.

The line-up is killer. Comedian Tig Notaro is a big highlight for me. TAL favourite Mike Birbiglia also has something in the show. If you want an idea of what this whole experience might be like, take a listen to their most recent episode. It’s a rebroadcast of their 2009 live show, which also featured Birgilia telling a funny and heartbreaking story — TAL in a nutshell, right there — along with contributions from Joss Whedon and Dan Savage. Do it.

While you’re at it, consider getting your tickets in advance. I don’t know what the audience for this show is like in Regina, and heck, I might even be shooting myself in the foot by telling all you fine Dog Blog readers about this. You might be rushing out for your tickets as we speak, getting ready to take all the prime spots for yourselves. But I know you wouldn’t want to show up, excited to see what Ira Glass looks like when his mouth is moving, only to find the show sold-out.