1 THE RARE BERLUSCONI SIGHTING Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is taken to court more often than most — his personal life has always revealed a rampant lascivious appetite and paired with questionable dealings in everything financial, that’s a recipe for big lawyer fees down the road. But that “taken to court” is often metaphorical, as he sends his lawyers and doesn’t show up himself most times.

That’s so often the case that, when the man actually comes to court, it’s news, like when he showed up to hear evidence that he paid for underage sex. I hear that if you spot Berlusconi at a trial where he’s the defendant, it’ll be good luck for seven years, although that might just be a superstition. (Also, if Berlusconi spots his own shadow in a courtroom, he’ll be sued twice more before the end of the year.)

2 ROB FORD’S NUMBERS ARE UP It’s true. In fact, the Toronto mayor’s approval ratings are at their best since last June. prairie dog editor Stephen Whitworth and I were texted the other day, and he told me that he thinks Ford is a one-term mayor. Let me talk directly to you, Stephen, when I say that if you jinxed this and have caused a second Ford term as mayor, we’re going to have to yank your alt-paper credentials or something.

3 PROVINCIAL NDP WINS SOMEWHERE The provincial NDP won two seats in last night’s B.C. byelections. Both had previously been Liberal strongholds.

4 GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’S BAIL HEARING BEGINS The New York Times has all the details.

5 DID YOU SEE THAT THE LEADER-POST GOT CAKE YESTERDAY? They seem pretty excited about the cake that they got. They’re talking about something else here, too, but I think the cake is the important takeaway. If I were a homeowner in Regina, I would expect cake in my mailbox on April 29.

6 DAY UPDATE Sunday is Earth Day, which you can observe by watching some of the Regina Public Library’s environment-themed movies this weekend, or by looking at the roles of Edward Norton that mirror the values of Earth Day. I’m feeling greener already. Tomorrow is Record Store Day. Exclaim!‘s Alex Hudson posted about 10 RSD releases to look out for; I only mention it here because it doesn’t match up too completely with my own wishlist, so I won’t have to fight with any of you guys over a ten-inch. Also, today is 4/20. If that’s your thing, you’re probably all set to celebrate already.