1 NOT DONE WITH DURANT The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed an extension with quarterback Darian Durant, meaning he’ll be sticking around until at least 2014. Let’s hope that he stays duranble. durablant. Shoot — my punning on Durant and durable isn’t working, readers. Let’s move on.

2 MORE MORE MORE STORES STORES STORES The long-rumored Regina Target has been confirmed — they’ll be doing a $10 to $11 million remodel on the Zellers in the Northgate Mall to turn it into a location of the popular American store. This also confirms that the Southland, a mall so on the outs that they don’t even start movies at their theatre past 9 p.m. on most week nights, is getting left out in the cold. Personally, I’m not so jazzed on getting a Target up here. If it doesn’t have American Dorito flavours or any of the lovely varieties of Mountain Dew they’ve got down in the States, I’m not interested.

3 IN OTHER MALL-RELATED NEWS The CBC says a man in the Vic Square parking lot was pick-pocketed by three men who group hugged him. I’m not a fan of anyone who’ll exploit what should a pure expression of admiration like a hug. Not cool at all. This has made me so jaded at this point, I’ll only chest bump with strangers. That’s what we’ve come to.

4 NDP NETS A SHITHEAD Joey “Shithead” Keithley, to be precise. The punk legend and frontman of D.O.A. will be running for the provincial NDP in B.C.’s 2013 election. He’s run for the Green Party twice before. He’s always been an outspoken fellow, as people who saw him perform for Occupy Regina should be able to attest to.

5 SPAIN GOES DOWN AGAIN For the second time this year, Standard and Poor’s has downgraded Spain’s credit rating. From the New York Times: “‘In our view, the strategy to manage the European sovereign debt crisis continues to lack effectiveness,’ it said, even as it commended Spain’s efforts at reform.”

6 JEB NO VP From a story on POLITICO: “As George Will said on ABC’s This Week last Sunday, [Jeb] Bush as veep would mean ‘that in seven of nine presidential elections, there would be a Bush on the Republican ticket.'” What a thing to consider. The larger story is about why the former governor of Florida isn’t interested in being Mitt Romney’s running mate this time around. And then, they go on to list all the reasons why he’d make a good pick, really just teasing themselves for the hell of it.