My day came very, very close to being ruined while I was reading this quick post on the Guardian U.K.’s website about a dog who got loose on the tarmac at LaGuardia. Her name is Byrdie and I was getting worried for her after reading this:

Authorities tried unsuccessfully to collar the 14-month-old pup, who took off down the tarmac and refused to to be corralled.

The emphasis there is mine, to show the point when, for a split second, I assumed the airport officials said, “Well, we’ve done our best. Nature and planes will take care of the rest.”

Of course, they didn’t leave a puppy out there to be crushed a plane wheel or something. They brought the owner out, he called to Byrdie and she “instantly ran to her owner on the side of the runway.” So no worries. We’re all good.

After I mentioned this to S-Whitworth, he pointed me towards a witty take on this story over at Jezebel, and if we can link to Jezebel, we sure as Hell will.