1 MEET AND BLEAT Premier Brad Wall met with representatives of the Saskatchewan film industry this afternoon. Was it good? Doesn’t sound like it. The Leader-Post’s Murray Mandryk tweeted that the premier’s office was trashing film tax credits as he was meeting with film people. And I’m told that on the CBC interview tonight, Wall repeatedly called the tax credit a “grant” , which either makes him a twit for not knowing the difference between a tax credit and a grant or a manipulative, oleaginous weasel who¬†plays loose with the facts to get his spin out. I’ll let you pick which might or might not mis-characterize the incentive. I’ll let you know when I understand how it works (worked) — I wouldn’t want to beak-off in ignorance. Carrie-May Siggins will file a blog update later tonight. UPDATE! We have a photo! Of the premier! I wonder what he’s saying?

Photo by Darrol Hofmeister, sharpshooter photography

2 JETS SUCK Not Winnipeg’s! The F-35 that the federal Conservatives abandoned purchase protocol on.

3 LUBE UP THAT PIPE The federal Conservatives get their environment-bashing ducks in a row. So they can shoot those ducks. Quack.

4 MEANWHILE IN AMERICA, PART ONE: WHAT SHALL WE DO TO SHOVE OUR INSANE RELIGIOUS VALUES DOWN WOMEN’S THROATS TODAY? Apparently, some U.S. pharmacists lie like rugs to teenagers about the law around the morning after pill. Do they lie to doctors? Not so much. And people wonder why I have zero patience for anti-abortion religious fundamentalists.

5 MEANWHILE IN AMERICA PART TWO: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO We’ve also got that nutso challenge to President Barack Obama’s health care law, more on the legal murder of young black kids in Florida and Obama has a microphone oopsies.

6 LETHAL INJECTIONS, HANGING AND BEHEADING, OH MY Amnesty International released its capital punishment survey today. China wins!

THIS IS NOT AN ¬†APPROPRIATE PET! But OMG it’s sooooo CUTE! Who’s a naughty little rascal? YES YOU ARE!