1 WE’LL HOLD JUDGEMENT AS TO WHETHER THIS IS THE BOTTOM OF THE TV BARREL Well, if Battlestar Galactica can have a successful, edgy reboot, why not Space 1999?

2 I WOULD HAVE NEVER IMAGINED THE DAY WHEN CONRAD BLACK OWNED THAT RAG The National Post, in particular, and Postmedia in general has been beating The Globe and Mail like a rented mule when it comes to coverage of the RoboCall scandal. And The Toronto Star has been doing some good work on coverage as well. Guess the Bellmedia empire is wanting to go down with the Cons’ ship.

3 NEIL HOPE’S LAST DAYS Wheels was always his own worst enemy.

4 THE DECLINE AND FALL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION Saskatchewan now has more lingerie football franchises than independent bookstores. Maybe their audience will be ex-hockey players with a lot of concussions, so they’re too brain dead to notice they’re watching something that’s not a sport. And no, I didn’t find that out through the U of R Gossip Girl Tweeter account.

5 THIS SHOULD MAKE THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION MORE INTERESTING After the 2008 vote, Republicans pressured John McCain to overturn the election, according to Wikileaks.

6 HEY, DIDN’T SOMEBODY SAY LAST YEAR THAT SASKATCHEWAN WAS BOOMING? So, why the cutbacks, Mr. Wall? Don’t see you missing many meals.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Boston proto-grunge band The Neats (I think they played Regina in 1987) with Tear My Soul.