I know what you’re thinking.

At least, I think I know what you’re thinking. But this p-o-t-d doesn’t concern that. And by that I mean the monster 1977 album by Fleetwood Mac that shares the same title as this 1988 farce by Neil Simon.

It’s not that former isn’t worth devoting time listening to. But tomorrow night Regina Little Theatre starts a four-night run of the Simon play which concerns a possible murder, and other dysfunctional goings-on, in New York high society.

Rumours is being presented at the Regina Performing Arts Centre. Feb. 8-9, the show is at 7:30 p.m., while Feb. 10-11 it’s at 8 p.m. For ticket info call 779-2277.

And to close, here’s video from 1977 of Fleetwood Mac performing the song “Dreams” off Rumours.