People keeping an eye on housing in Regina, like any of the many who showed up to last night’s city council meeting, might be interested to know: the Guns N’ Roses Condo Complex is on its way! (GnR because the Gardens on Rose, the building’s official name, share a logo with the hard-rocking band behind “Welcome to the Jungle”, minus the pistols.) Of course, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with “affordable” housing; the cheapest suite they have listed at their website is going for $441,000. Still, it’s better than the semi-empty parking lot that was there before.

I say “semi-empty” because you’d still see people parking there on occasion in addition to one regular resident: the couch in the middle of that picture. It has been there for months. Someone ditched it and no one has had the ambition or desire to move it since. Here’s a picture of the couch in warmer times.

Almost all the stuff that made this a parking lot has been cleared off the lot, but the couch remains. I really don’t think it’s going anywhere. As the building goes up, they’re just going to have to build around it. It’ll be an architectural feature of the building.

The ground breaking ceremony happened back in November, but yesterday was the real day stuff got started.

Take a look after the jump for another angle of the scene.