1 SURPRISE! The Canadian economy shrank in November. “Unexpectedly”, the story says. Expect that it’s going to shrink more in years to come as Canadians reign rein-in their spending thanks to ever-stagnant and/or falling wages, higher expenses thanks to government cuts and the need to save more for retirement if the Conservatives delay old age security eligibility to the age of 67. At the moment, retail spending is still increasing.

2 WAIT, BUT, BOOM… WHA? Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall announces “challenges” facing the upcoming provincial budget. He was speaking to the Saskatchewan Association Of Urban Municipalities, though, so he’s probably obliged to say that to discourage Saskatchewan mayors, councillors and miscellanious miscellaneous other politicians from asking for more funding. And thus shall thy property taxes increaseth.

3 “EVERY TIME I SAY WE SHOULD BAN ABORTION, I GET YELLED AT” Social conservative Saskatoon-Dumbolt MP Brad Trost says there’s too much party discipline in Ottawa, and it’s stifling debate! Prairie dog agrees — how will voters learn just how crazy-grandpa bizarre-opinion-holding-relative-like federal politicians really are when party leaders don’t let them share their peculiar notions about hypothetical topics like, oh, repealing gay marriage, banning sexy movies, bringing back the death penalty and restricting birth control?

4 CAPPING DEBATE AFTER ONE DAY? OH, COME ON The federal Conservative government stomps debate on a bill on pooled retirement savings almost immediately after it’s introduced. I’m no expert, but this might not even be a bad idea — as an employee of a small business (I’m also an owner — it’s complicated) I wouldn’t necessarily mind another pension option — but you can’t shut down parliamentary debate after one day. And yes, I realize that the Opposition would probably use the time to hammer the government on old age security reforms rather than pooled retirement, but that’s democracy sweetheart. This is apparently the 13th time this government has shut down discussion on a bill early. They need to knock it off. It’s the job of voters to judge the Opposition’s behaviour and determine if they’re wasting time or being douchey hosepailey. Not the government.

5 FORTY MILLION LITRES OF WATER A DAY A mine development around Kronau wants to pipe a ton of water out of Katepwa lake. A guy who actually knows something about the possible environmental impacts (as opposed to bean-counters and business dudes) says we’re moving on this too fast.

6 SIDNEY CROSBY SHOULD QUIT The Globe And Mail makes a pretty good case.

BRYAN ADAMS IS COMING! He’ll play at the Brandt Centre on June 21. I have two friends who’ve met Bryan Adams. One says he’s the biggest of big jerks while the other says he’s perfectly friendly. How can I know the truth? Anyway, here’s a video.

UPDATE Whoops! That wasn’t the official video for “Run To You”! And it turns out embedding is disabled on Bryan Adams’ YouTube site. That’s okay — I’ve found another Bryan Adams video to share. This one isn’t from an official site either but we shall bravely make do with the copyright infringement in the name of Culture.