As reported by CBC Saskatchewan, the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity won its referendum yesterday. The University of Regina’s LGBTQ organization was asking for a levee of $1 per full-time student and 50 cents per part-time student per semester, roughly equal to the funding they received annually from the U of R Students’ Union. Now, they won’t be required to apply for this funding and can better plan out the future of their organization knowing that this money is assured year to year.

I know some of the people involved with running UR Pride these days and they’re good people doing really good work. Everything I’ve seen them do on campus and in the community has been great, not least of which changing the name of the group to UR Pride from GBLUR, a name that by the end they weren’t even using as an acronym since it wasn’t accurate. They’ve their heads screwed on right, these UR Pride folks.

Eighty-six per cent of those who came out voted in UR Pride’s favour. It’s no big surprise, considering how well organized they’ve been. But regardless, way to go, UR Pride, and keep up the good work.