Both of them are looking for work. Of the two, Daniels is the more unexpected — up until today she was the promotions director of Big Dog 92.7, Astral’s country music station which has supplanted CKRM as Regina’s major country music source (and if that isn’t a big achievement on her watch, especially considering how Harvard/the Hill family seem to have their fingers in every pie in this city, I don’t know what is).

Apart from the usual Facebook page/Twitter feed, much of Daniels’ internet presence has gone down the memory hole: her web pages at Big Dog’s website have been 404’ed, but she still has her blog which is more than eminently readable.

Strange thing: she is a member of Consort High School’s Class of 1990. In the summer and fall of 1990, I edited the Castor Advance, a small town weekly newspaper in Castor, Alberta, about 30 miles away. Small world.

Not likely she would ever hang with the hipster wanna-bes in prairie dog, but hey, Tia, chin up. If I can get a job, imagine what the future will hold for someone with actual talent.