… but not of the Ultrasonic Alarm Call. We trudge onwards.

No, in this episode, we shoehorn several topics into the theme of endings.

We’re having a look at the end of condominium conversions (for now), the end (maybe) of the walking strategy downtown (or maybe that’s a product of my paranoid imagination), the end of analog film in Regina’s theatres (and the beginning of UltraAVX awesomeness), the Last Mountain Distillery in Lumsden, the latest True Knit Art Show (meaning, Cassie and Cookie are back in our ultraswank recording studio and have pretty much taken over things), and, finally, the sad passing of Steve Jobs.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call 12 — The End: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka, Cookie Madill, Elan Morgan, Cassie Ozog and me. Music by the Lazy MKs. Runtime: 40 min inane chatter, 2 min 18 sec of Cookie laughing.

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