So you’re gathered around a table for supper. Perhaps enjoying some sort of Thanksgiving dinner, when suddenly someone starts choking. And then things get worse.

Today’s special Thanksgiving edition of 31 Days of Monstrous Horror is Alien (1979). Made in the good old days of movie making where the special effects were model ships, the alien was a guy in suit and none of that mattered because Ridley Scott’s direction kept you at the edge of your seat.

The crew of the Nostromo spaceship is heading home when they get a distress signal from lifeless planet. Their investigation leads to the discover of a crashed alien spaceship and a dead pilot. Also discovered is the ship’s cargo which contains hundreds of weird looking eggs. One of the “eggs” hatches and something latches itself onto one of the crew members (John Hurt). From there things lead to that classic dinner table scene. Then the crew start hunting for the alien while the alien hunts them.

This classic horror film has spawned several sequels and numerous rip-offs. Director Ridley Scott was apparently working on a prequel this year called Prometheus but that film has evolved into something else.