1 ARE YOU UP TO DATE ON YOUR NETFLIX NEWS? In particular that, after a huge spike in prices for the DVD mailing/streaming content service and the subsequent backlash, Netflix have split the proverbial baby in two. Netflix is now all-streaming and a separate service called Qwikster will be sending out all those little silvery discs.

2 ARE YOU UP TO DATE ON QWIKSTER’S TWITTER FEED? Because someone else already has it. By the looks of it, the Netflix folks or others spurred on by today’s announcement might be trying to buy it, but the person who holds the account seems reticent about selling right away.

Some of @Qwikster’s recent thoughts:

N I won’t agree till I get a contract n ill negotiate

Got offer $1,000. But idk but you guys should follow my bro @SoccerIsLifegc7 n ill think about selling it to who ever supports my bro

Dayum over 3120 follower just cuz some ppl wanna buy my handle 3 ppl have asked but idk who to trust

I’m going to keep following @Qwikster as long as the holder doesn’t sell and as long as people are still offering to pay for the account.