Who can deny Romanian pop hit “Mr. Saxobeat”? Certainly not Z99, who’ve been pumping it on the regular these days. It might even be charting in Saskatchewan, though I’m not feeling up to tracking down that information.

What I have tracked down is Alexandra Stan’s delightful Wikipedia page. Oh, how I am down with this.

Some samples:

– The first single from the Romanian pop star “impacted” charts.
– Constanta is “the third most important city in Romania”, a claim for which they don’t cite any evidence but that I have no reason to doubt.
– “She has a brother, with whom she says she spends all her spare time, alongside their carrying father”.
– After her first single got an “A-list addiment” in Romania, “[t]he video was out the next days.”

The page for the song “Mr. Saxobeat” itself says, “Lyrically, the song is about Stan trying to attract a man whom she is in love with. She speaks of him making her dance and ‘move like a freak'”.

That all Wikipedia pages could be this informative.