I’ve never tried it myself, but I guess going on top of the Golden Mile to change Rainbow Cinemas’ sign is a big pastime for the youth of Regina. Stephen and Terry were looking for a Best of Regina category that wouldn’t result in a Wascana Park win? Try “Favourite Place to Dick with ‘The Man’ in the Most Marginal Way Possible”. It’s lengthy and there’s the chance Wascana still might take it, but there’s also a possibility all the hooligans roaming above Urban Planet at night will come out to rock the vote.

Above, you see one of the more recent editions. If you need evidence of how recent it is, notice the first title, Larry Corn Hole 2, a sequel to Larry Crowne that Tom Hanks hopefully won’t be making. It’s a wonder the Rainbow even bothers at all anymore. The Galaxy’s outdoor sign just refers people to their website these days.

Even when the Rainbow has seemingly had enough they can’t catch a break; a while back, when the sign read “SEE TITLES INSIDE”, that got switched around to “SEE TITTIES INSIDE”, which — and I don’t know about you — I personally prefer to “SEX VAG” any day of the week. One of the few occasions when using “titties” is the more elegant solution.

The photo, by the way, comes from Errol West. You might also know him as a member of local hardcore outfit Invasion, who’ve got some new music for you to check out. You can get more information on them over at Harvest King Records.