Indulge me for one more post on the Jets logo? John K. Sampson of the Weakerthans has an excellent opinion piece in The Winnipeg Review on the new Winnipeg Jets logo. The people unhappy with its inherent militarism will like it. Here’s an excerpt:

Hockey should be one of those rare and valuable activities we can all share and communicate through, no matter our beliefs or backgrounds. The overt militarization of our game by commentators, politicians, and now companies like True North, prevents many people from fully engaging with the sport. We should all be able to participate in hockey, both as players, and as admirers of players who are so many times better than most of us will ever be—those professionals who have dedicated their labours to fulfilling the beautiful potential of the game we know better than any other. The new Jets logo will tell some of us that we simply aren’t welcome at the rink.

Full article here. Everything he says is true. Then again, if we had a pacifist federal government, this problem would fade.

True North should tweak the logo in a couple of years and either make the jet more generic or more retro. Maybe they will!