A backroom battle that started long before Guy Lonechild’s DUI charge has broken out into the open with Lonechild either being suspended with pay or impeached as Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Grand Chief. (CBC Saskatchewan)

Of course, since the group of jokers (led by professional Indian politician Morley Watson) undertaking the impeachment also gave us the FNUC five year crisis, (prairie dog) it promises to be nothing short of entertaining. I know the economy`s in the tank unless you`re in oil and potash, but geez Louise … Whatever bonehead things Lonechild did with the drunk driving case (starting with getting behind the wheel after a few drinks), his errors of judgement pale in comparison to the cynical political machinations of a bunch of people who, if political integrity were dynamite, couldn`t blow their noses. (AMMSA)

Somewhere, senior partners at Saskatchewan’s biggest law offices are preparing six-figure Christmas bonuses.