This week on prairie dog’s most hearted podcast, we open with a quick story about Regina’s Freemasons and schemes gone by. What were the Masons up to back in 1996 when they decided to do battle with the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District? You’ll have to listen to find out.

After that, Cookie and Cassie from the True Knit Art Show — fresh from roller derby practice (although it might be more accurate to call them “ripe”) — invade the UAC’s ultra-swank podcasting studio and take over the place (in a good way). We discuss their upcoming art/craft show on July 9 at St Paul’s Cathedral (that’s this Saturday, people), roller derby in Regina and local rockers SheKillsMe. They also become obsessed with “engagement chicken” and from there madness rapidly ensues. (Lucky for you, the Admiral Ackbar impressions all wound up on the editing room floor.)

Later, we call up errant dogcaster, Vanda Schmockel, and get her impressions of New York, the Novia Cafe closure and heritage preservation in Regina.

Also, don’t miss a preview of the track “Pirate Ship” off SheKillsMe’s album, As Strong As Legends.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call Episode 05 — Sins of the Past: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Elan Morgan, Shane Hnetka, and me. Special guests, Cookie Madill and Cassie Ozog of the True Knit Art Show. Intro and outro music provided by the Lazy MKs. Runtime: 56min 32sec.

Download the episode by clicking on the links above.

Find more info on the True Knit Art Show here, on Pile O’Bones Roller Derby here and SheKillsMe here.