I’m cheating in two ways here: 1) Aidan has already done a four in the afternoon! Silly Sunny B; and 2) my item number one is something I’ve already posted, because no book news is going to beat the death of Robert Kroetsch today. But anyways – onwards!

2 WHY BOOK BURNINGS? Really, folks, why? I know there’s some imagery about cleansing flame and all that, but whenever it comes up, which has been too often in the past while, I just think about Nazis. (Specifically, I think about the Nazis trying to burn Henry Jones’ Grail diary in The Last Crusade, but that’s beside the point.) So, how does this book-burner in question expect anyone to react when they say they’re going to destroy copies of Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes because it has the word “Negroes” in the title? It’ll get people talking – I’m doing it right now – but you just know that you’re in for a literary smackdown when the author catches wind.

3 IN OTHER POSSIBLE CENSORSHIP NEWS A story about a Muslim superhero was hastily excluded by DC from a recent Superman comic. Chris Sims of ComicsAlliance goes through the somewhat-complicated story.

4 MORE POTTER Fans don’t get an official announcement from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling about Pottermore.com, a website that’s currently a couple of owls and her signature, until tomorrow. That hasn’t stopped rumours and a leaked memo from spreading around about what the site might be.