And here’s more Postmedia bullshit, from the daily paper up yonder:

For the past five years Canada has equipped the Conservative government with training wheels, holding it in check with a minority government as it learned to balance and steer the country through trying times. And despite some seriously wobbly moments, in the opinion of this editorial board, as well as those of all other major Postmedia newspapers, it’s time to take off the wheels and give the Conservatives the majority they need to prove what they can do. This might not have happened but for the orange tide to come out of Quebec in the late days of the campaign, and for this we owe NDP Leader Jack Layton some thanks. One hopes this surge in support for an untried, fourthtier party with a sketchy platform will be enough to focus the minds of apparatchiks within both the federal Conservative and Liberal parties about the danger of partisan street fights that have replaced working in the national interest.

“Sketchy platform”? Compared to the Tories??? How can these ed. board geniuses write that with a straight face when they actually have weirdos like Brad Trost running amok up around Saskatoon, bragging about re-opening the abortion debate? How can anyone decent, informed and intelligent support the Conservatives?

Short answer–no one decent, informed and intelligent could support the Tories. Two of the three, maybe. But not all three.

I wonder why the StarPhoenix’s editorial board wants to broadcast to the 50 per cent of this province that doesn’t vote Conservative that it supports a government that appears to hate women, Natives, the poor, the vulnerable, gays, artists, students, academics, civil servants and scientists? Those are all groups that have been repeatedly punched in the face by the Conservatives.

Look, I know an editorial doesn’t entirely define a newspaper and SP writers, like their counterparts at the Leader-Post, do some decent work that should probably be supported. Still, I’m really tempted to suggest Leader-Post and StarPhoenix readers cancel their subscriptions.

Hurting these awful newspapers economically might give them “a chance to reconnect, from the bottom up, with their [readers].”

(Thanks Publisher Terry for sending me this. You want me to have endless raging meltdowns on the blog today, don’t you?)

UPDATE: The sentence “I wonder why the StarPhoenix’s editorial board wants to broadcast to the 50 per cent of this province that…”  has been updated to include the part I left out, which hopefully helps it make sense now. (Also, I guess 46 per cent would be more accurate…)