To try to stem the orange tide that polls indicate could sweep across Canada, Conservative supporters have certainly deployed some heavy artillery in the last week or so haven’t they?

Will it be enough to scare potential swing voters who are leaning toward the NDP, if not into the Conservative camp, then at least back to their traditional homes in the Liberal and Bloc Quebecois parties?

And equally important, will progressive Canadians who haven’t been that active as voters in the last few elections but now profess to be so sick of the Harper Conservatives that they’re actually going to exercise their franchise and do their level best to remove them from office actually show up at the polls and cast their ballot?

If the answer to question #1 is No, and the answer to question #2 is Yes, it should make for a pretty interesting election.

Tonight, a group of prairie dog writers will be gathering at a local watering hole to Live Blog as the election results roll in. Things should get going by 7:30 p.m. So check in if you’re so inclined.

In closing, here’s a link to the Elections Canada website where you can find information on how and where to vote in your riding.