From the editorial in today’s edition:

What’s required, in short, is a period of national calm – calm best delivered by a majority government. Another minority government, Conservative or not, will only prolong the paralysis by procedure that’s toolong interfered with the smooth governance of our country. We wrote in this space Saturday about the role of enlightened self interest in elections. This province’s, and this country’s, interests will be best served if Canadian voters send a Conservative majority to the House of Commons.

And here’s what the paper’s editors say about Conservative leader Stephen Harper:

Harper must rein in what is seen as his arrogance and his disdain for parliament and leaven his streak of authoritarianism with humility. But his competence is evident, as is his status as the leader best positioned to end the national political instability that’s hindered our country for too long.

“His competence is evident.” Now that’s a statement that takes balls to make (and I’m assuming balls were involved in the writing — the Conservatives don’t seem like a party many women would vote for).

The LP’s editors clearly don’t have any understanding of what’s gone on in Ottawa the last few years. For starters, it’s not the fault of the other political parties that the country’s “hindered” by “political instability”. It’s the fault of the Conservatives for being impossible to work with.

The Leader-Post is calling for Saskatchewan to back a party of vandals that undermined the census, cut arts funding, has no concept of social programs other than tax cuts (especially for corporations!), thinks the greenhouse gas-spewing tarsands are “ethical energy” and wants to recklessly ratchet up spending on prisons and the military. This is the party that fires dissenting scientists and bureaucrats, that cancels public daycare programs and  cuts corporate taxes. This is a party who created what the government’s own parliamentary budget officer called a “structural deficit”. This is the party that changed the name of Canada’s government to “The Harper Government”, and who spends public money on thinly- and not-so-thinly-veiled politcal advertising.

This is the party of religious extremists from Brad “defund Planned Parenthood” Trost to Tom “homosexual faggots” Lukiwski to Stockwell “the world is only 6,000 years old” Day. (At least Stock’s stepped down.)

This is a party led by a man who, from two-tier health care to election spending, has always fought for the “rights” of the wealthiest Canadians.

This is a party that is dangerously wrong about almost everything, and which has polarized Canada more furiously than any government since Trudeau’s.

You’ve got to admire consistency — I guess it is nice to see the paper that once fought against Tommy Douglas and health care continue its proud tradition of backing the bad guys.

I’ll leave you with this from Paul Dechene’s article “It’s Treason!” in the current issue:

Based on the numbers at, nine of Saskatchewan’s 14 ridings can be considered safely Conservative going into this election. Only Goodale’s Liberal stronghold of Wascana isn’t painted Tory blue, which means the Conservatives could be in line to match their seat total from 2008 of 13. Those are an awful lot of seats headed Stephen Harper’s way. You’d think people would find it a little shameful to be voting Conservative this time around considering how often Harper and his pals have screwed Saskatchewan over these past five years.