Here it is! Episode one of the Still Unnamed Audio Portion Of The prairie dog Website.

This episode, we’ve tossed the Artie Shaw theme in favour of some fantastic intro and outro music provided by the Lazy MKs. They’re letting us use two tracks off their upcoming album “Where We Bin.” And they’re very awesome — both the tracks and the guys in the Lazy MKs. (Be sure to go to their CD release party on May 7 at Artesian.)

Theme for this week: Plans. We talk about the election and how Ignatieff’s plans to rule Canada are falling to pieces. (If you’re listening to this on Monday before polls close, note that we recorded on April 27… so everything we said is already out of date. If you’re listening after the election is over, don’t we sound naive and clueless?) We also talk about the mysterious plans for the RPL main branch that appeared on the web, the vague plans to redevelop the downtown that Mayor Fiacco announced, and the dumb-as-hammers plans by Hollywood to hand a classic pulp franchise to Jason Statham. Also, a new segment: Reviews Of Shit We Haven’t Seen. And did we mention the music is by the Lazy MKs and it’s awesome?

Dogcast Episode One — Plans: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Elan Morgan, Shane Hnetka, Vanda Schmockel and Paul Dechene. Music by the Lazy MKs. Runtime 52 min.

To download click on the title link above. (Sorry we’ve taken down the Soundcloud player to make room in my account for episode two.)