Bang the DrumGreetings, Earthlings! This week we’re turning the column over to Regina’s instrumental instrumentalists the Lazy MKs. The trio is releasing their debut longplay, Where We Bin, Saturday, May 7, at the Artesian. In honour of this event, we’ve invited the MKs to share and tell us about some of their favourite music, and Lazy MKs steel guitarist Etienne Soulodre returned the favour by giving us an exclusive first listen to a track from Where We Bin.

B.D. Willoughby
Etienne says: We made a record with B.D. last year which has yet to be released. He’d little busy doing his doctorate in economics. I like this video because it includes the Ooh La La’s, a three voice female back-up singer group led by Anna Rose.

Black Drink Crier
Etienne says: We played on this record a while ago. I like this tune because it has ice-fishing references. This record is being released on May 20.

When I first heard the Lazy MKs back in 2009, via Pat Book’s excellent music blog Sound Salvation Army, I wondered whether the band’s name was pronounced “Lazy Em-Kays” or “Lazy Marks”. This is the kind of thing I miss out on by not living in Regina. Well, wonder no more! Etienne says: The band name is pronounced “em kays”. This was my familie’s cattle brand.
Here’s a taste of the new Lazy MKs album, Where We Bin, to be released on Young Soul Records. The song is named after the old Quality Tea just off 13th Avenue, a fondly remembered Cathedral Village institution if ever there was one.
EXCLUSIVE mp3: “The Q.T.” by the Lazy MKs

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