Bang the DrumGreetings, Earthlings! Welcome to the 34th edition of Bang the Drum! (+/- 34), the number one music column in Regina (+/-1). This week we have 5 incredible new songs for you (+/-5) (+/-Old) and some rad vids too!

Witches is an Athens, GA three-piece who consider playing 22 shows in Germany a “European Tour.” The group is fronted by Cara Beth Satalino, whose rich vocals and sharp lyrics recall the best works of Mary Timony and Chan Marshall. Witches’ debut album Forever comes out on June 21 from Bakery Outlet Records.
mp3: “Creature of Nature” by Witches
mp3: “Black Dog” by Witches

These days Mary Timony is playing with Sleater-Kinney/Portlandia/Monitor Mix veteran Carrie Brownstein in the hot new band WILD FLAG.

Timony is perhaps best remembered for her 90s band Helium, who were great.

Timony is also remembered as guitarist for the short-lived Autoclave, whose frontwoman Christina Billotte went on to form Slant 6.

Cat Power is Chan Marshall. I think she’s pretty well-known these days.

Chan Marshall is friends with Richard Meltzer, a Portland, Ore.-based writer, poet & Blue Oyster Cult lyricist.

Emmet Matheson is a freelance treasurer of the Richard Meltzer Fan Club who will find any old excuse to post vids of his idol here and at A Bulldozer With a Wrecking Ball Attached. You can e-mail him at: bulldozerDOTwreckingballATgmailDOTcom