1 WELL AT LEAST EVERYONE HAD A GOOD TIME Everyone’s talking about the heinously expensive, ritualized legitimization of a privileged couple’s future sexual congress. Even in Canada! And did you see Princess Beatrice’s hat?

2 I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FLIPPED OUT OVER THE GLOBE ENDORSING THE CONSERVATIVES It’s good to have friends, even if they’re all on this nebulous thing called the “Twitterverse” that out-of-touch Conservative voters don’t use.

3 JOHN GORMLEY SAYS JACK LAYTON IS “A NICE GUY, BUT” Here’s John: “Layton is also one of Canada’s most notorious political gadflies, flitting from one crazy left-wing issue to another, seemingly oblivious to either logic or the national interest.” So I guess we should all vote Conservative then, because charging deeper into debt and deficit over gazillion dollar fighter jets to defend us from China and building more prisons while the crime rate is dropping is “in the national interest”? Also, any party that hates public daycare and Planned Parenthood like the Conservatives clearly do is clearly not “oblivious to logic”, noooo. Well, Gormley, a former Conservative politician, has gotta say what John’s gotta say to lock down that women-under-35 demographic and… wait…

Oh, did you hear about that “packed mob” of NDP supporters on Saskatoon? Good thing Saskatchewan ridings are bizarrely constructed to sabotage urban voters by holding it hostage  to the questionable agenda of rural Saskatchewan. Otherwise the NDP might elect a lot of candidates here. Phew!

So come on you guys! Vote for the Conservatives! They’re the really, really, rich people party!  You want to be really, really,rich, don’t you? Well, vote Conservative and bags of money will probably show up in your mailbox!

4 ALSO, EVEN THE BLOC LIKES JACK Didn’t see this one coming. Probably won’t help the cause in Saskatchewan much but then again if we vote like a mob of creationist hillbillies no one should care what we think.

5 MEANWHILE IN AMERICA God is smiting Alabama because it’s a state full of un-Christian, racist, science-bashing Tea Party-voting homophobes–actually, he’s smiting the whole South. Democrat Gabrielle Giffords is attending the final launch of the space shuttle Endeavour today, and, oh wait, not today. Some tedious legal wrangling over stem cell research had a sane outcome. And to get away from the Washington Post for a minute, Talking Points Memo has a piece on Birther desperation. Ha ha, racists are funny.

6 IS MY JETS OBSESSION ANNOYING? SORRY. Here’s this morning’s Winnipeg/NHL report.