1 FLOOD, FLOOD, FLOOD Trouble on the Prairies and whaddaya mean there’s no flood insurance???

2 SLAUGHTER IN SYRIA Another Middle Eastern country with a fucking awful, tyrannical government keeps shooting its own citizens.

3 CALL IN THE RESERVE (FUND) Glendale’s mayor has a new scheme to transfer gobs of public money to the would-be hockey magnate who wants to keep the NHL in Arizonugh.

4 LIBERALS ATTACK LAYTON SURGE Sigh. More here. Tell you what, you guys vote for Evanchuk and Clipsham, me and Beatty will vote for Goodale. Everyone happy! Except the Greens.

5 TROST, TORIES AND ABORTION The Globe And Mail has a good piece on why the (should be non-)issue of a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body is a problem for the Conservatives:

The Reform roots of the Conservative Party were nourished by social conservatives who believe Canada had drifted dangerously far from its Christian cultural roots, who oppose abortion and same-sex marriage, who want government to take a tougher stance on crime while protecting a gun owner’s rights.

As prime minister, Mr. Harper has enacted a tough-on-crime agenda and fought to scrap the long-gun registry while avoiding more vexed questions of abortion and gay marriage.

More here. It’s a good read. Also, here’s an article about how Trost stands by his lunatic statements. So sad when integrity, honesty and consistency are wedded to shitty, awful, superstition-based medieval ideas.

6 OH, AND BRAD WALL SAYS HE’S PRO-LIFE BUT ABORTION STILL STAYS FUNDED AND STUFF Actually, I think this makes Brad Wall pro-choice but personally opposed to abortion, which is cool. This is how you should behave, pro-life people. Follow the premier’s example and snippy alt newspapers won’t call you out for being psycho-dickwad religious kooks. Thenkew.