1 HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY Fasting for everyone! Pope Benedict XVI is making sure you’ve got a good dose of Catholicism available to you on this day, with a Q&A he did for Italian T.V. From the sounds of it, they gathered a bunch of suffering people who asked Benny about their suffering, who then said, “No worries, Jesus got your back.” In other faith news, check out this amazing pic of JPII.

2 ALSO SINCE IT’S GOOD FRIDAY Why don’t you read this Globe and Mail piece on how federal candidates try to appeal to religious constituents? This ain’t the States, you know – we got whole other kinds of fear mongering up here that get more attention than God and stuff.

3 DON’T LET THE MAN TELL YOU YOUR TAIL LIGHTS ARE DEFICIENT A Saskatchewan man beat a ticket for a burned-out tail light. And now he’s done it twice. To quote Judge Dennis Maher, “[T]here is an obligation to particularize what tail light deficiency the vehicle had.” That phrase comes up in court more than you’d think.

4 BRAD WALL STILL DOWN WITH ABORTIONS You might remember a certain Saskatchewan Conservative candidate bragging to some pro-lifers about the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Well, our province’s premier wants you to know that, on this issue, there’s “unanimous support” within their caucus that “there would be no change to the funding formulas for abortions.”

5 REGINA’S GOT NO GAME Rapper the Game, who you might remember from his tremendous 2005 single “Hate It or Love It” featuring 50 Cent, has cancelled his upcoming Regina show. He was set to play the Agribition Building next Thursday, but customs problems in Halifax led to him being detained and eventually deported back to the U.S. Put this in the “Hate It” category.

6 CAN’T STOP PARTYING According to a recent survey, British girls are owning the Binge Drinking department, even more so than the boys. This makes me unsure why North America is sending our binge drinkers over there. F.Y.I., the article defines binge drinking as “consuming more than six drinks a session,” a fact that I will honestly bring up with my mom, who was pushing some “more than two drinks” nonsense.