1 UP IN SMOKE, THAT’S WHERE THIS CAMPAIGN DISCUSSION GOES Nobody’s sure what happens now that the courts have effectively decriminalized pot for those with medical issues (Globe And Mail)

2 IT’S NOT AS IF ARIANNA DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE Freelancers who contributed to the Huffington Post are now suing AOL for not paying the money they weren’t promised. (MSNBC)

3 HOW HIGH’S THE WATER? Cowessess is on flood alert (CBC Saskatchewan)

4 REALLY? Of all the stories that fark.com collects about the sexual strangeness in Florida, this one stands out — a guy gets banned from attending his high school prom because he’s not allowed to take an older woman. He’s 18, she’s 19. (WTSP)

5 LOOK WHO’S TALKING So Saudi Arabia doesn’t like the way France treats its Moslem women… (Arab News)

6 ABOUT THAT ISRAELI APARTHEID THING … a country that exports thousands of its citizens to illegally occupy the West Bank now has a problem with illegal immnigrants coming into its country. (Al Jazeera) If Israel only knew of a country that could show them how to deal with people occupying their lands …

AND NOW YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN John Fogerty and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Concert at Madison Square Gardens in 2009. And THAT is how we do that …