BURN THE TAPES! A little while ago I commented on Bruce Carlson, formerly Stephen Harper’s right hand man in the PMO and who subsequently left for the lobbying life, and got a job for his 22-year-old ex-hooker girlfriend for a company he’s representing. (prairie dog) So how does someone with at least two bankruptcies, a fraud conviction, and disbarment from the Alberta Law Society pass the security clearance to get a job in the PMO? Well, thanks to Harper’s handpicked guy to run the RCMP. (Halifax Chronicle Herald) This is sounding so Nixonian that Hunter Thompson should be the one covering this … (The Disaffected Liberal)

NONE SO BLIND, ETC. Dunno what Kool-Aid Paul Godfrey is forcing the Leader-Post editorial board to drink, but I bet that it comes in a shade of blue. How can you tell a control freak’s employees not to act like control freaks? It’s in their farking job description.

THE ARMED WING OF THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA Shorter RCMP: Violating the democratic process? Sorry, but we were just following orders. Whose orders? Ummmm… (CBC)

YOU KNOW THINGS ARE DESPARATE WHEN WAL-MART IS THE PARAGON OF VIRTUE An American court of appeal says Wal-Mart was within its rights to fire a Jesus freak who said her gay co-workers were going to burn in hell (Chicago Sun-Times)

WHAT THE F … If all the people who swore during Saskatchewan Roughrider games were disqualified from getting another job, Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate would be about 85 per cent. (Leader-Post)

R.I.P. GARY HYLAND Who died at the age of 70, after a long battle with ALS. At least his legacy lives in, including his poetry and his work to establish the Moose Jaw Festival Of Words. (CBC Saskatchewan)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Living Colour was a metal/funk/jazz rock band from New York City that had a few minor hits on the radio in the late 1980s. As you can tell from this song, they deserved much, much better.