I did a post on this international symposium awhile back. It’s full title is Shift: Dialogues of Migration in Contemporary Art. It’s being held at the MacKenzie Art Gallery April 8-10, and was organized by Elizabeth Matheson and Loretta Paoli of Strandline Curatorial Collective in conjunction with a host of local arts organizations. It’s  designed to explore the immigrant and aboriginal communities  in Saskatchewan/Canada and their evolving identities.

Included will be lectures, panel discussions, performances, film screenings and art exhibitions. For information on the various events visit  www.shiftsymposium.ca

In addition to the activities at the MacKenzie, there’s an exhibition at Neutral Ground (1822 Scarth) by Brendan Fernandes (pictured above) called Primitive Tongues. Born in Kenya, Fernandes is currently based in Toronto and New York. Primitive Tongues consists of two video installations in which the artist explores aspects of his African heritage. It opens April 9, and runs until May 14.

Registration for Shift is open to the public and can be done by calling the MacKenzie Art Gallery at 584-4292 or by visiting www.shiftsymposium.ca