I titled this post after the tags I chose to represent the events I’m highlighting today.

“Sex” for Taboo: Naughty … But Nice Show at Conexus Arts Centre is entirely apropos. The trade show, after all, is showcasing all sorts of products and services designed to help people enrich their sex lives. There’s even an adult film star in attendance signing autographs and posing for photos. (Monique Alexander, pictured at left.)

“Religion” as a tag to describe the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo  that is also on today at Conexus is a little more problematic. But as far as tags go, the administrator of this esteemed blog is a bit of a tyrant. Recently, he issued a five page memo on the subject of approved Dog Blog tags.

When people posted before, they too often pulled a tag out of their butt so to speak to index the post for readers. But to make a blog search feasible you can’t have hundreds of different tags as then it’s virtually impossible to track anything down. Hence, the memo limiting us to a select number of tags.

Natural tags for the Body, Soul & Spirit Expo would be “New Age” or “Spirituality”. But neither is on the list, so I went with “Religion”.

Ordinarily, that would make for a pretty volatile combination. Religion, at least of the hardcore variety if you’ll pardon the pun, not exactly being that open to expressions of sexuality outside the norm (ie. hetero/missionary position/no birth control). But with its broader focus on personal growth and enlightenment, Body, Soul & Spirit Expo is entirely compatible with Taboo

Both trade shows begin three day runs at Conexus today. For more info see www.taboosexshow.com and www.bodysoulspirit.com

As far as music goes, accordian provocateur Geoff Berner is at the Club tonight. Here’s video of him performing the Official Theme Song of the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Olympic Games. At O’Hanlon’s Pub, the Calgary indie rock band Deadhorse is playing.