Have you read Vanda Schmockel’s excellent article on the 40 Days For Life vigil in the current prairie dog? If not, no time like the present! This insane campaign wraps up in a few days but before it does we’ve got a video rebuttal to all the anti-abortion nuts (who I’m sure are perfectly pleasant people when they’re not being like religious fascists) who want to legislate their loony-tunes superstitious beliefs* on regular, functionally-educated, not-crazy people who realize they’re living in the 21st century.

It’s prairie dog’s first video that’s not a TV commercial and it was shot by mega-excellent local filmmaker Eric Hill and stars a certain well-known musician from a big-deal local band.

Please enjoy.

I’m sure we’ll do more videos in the future. Can’t let our new¬†YouTube channel go to waste!

And hey, sorry to be pushy but if you’re a woman and you value your right to make your own decisions concerning your body — or if you’re a man and you’re not a sexist, domineering ¬†asshole — under no circumstances can you vote Conservative in this election. Among their many, many other serious problems, the Conservative Party of Canada is rife with extremist, American-style religious kooks. You probably know this but if you don’t, well, now you’ve been told. The Internet is full of further reading on this topic for enterprising Googlers. Educate yourself.

Also, why not make a donation to Planned Parenthood Regina today? They do good work.

*The idea that a microscopic glob of cells is a human being, for example. The idea that sex is something bad and that people who have it deserve to be punished, for another.