It was recently announced that Grant Lawrence, CBC Radio 3 host and former Smugglers frontman, has won a B.C. Book Prize. His memoir, Adventures in Solitude, won the Bill Duthie Book of the Year award, a prize chosen by booksellers across the province.

The book is about Lawrence’s time in Desolation Sound, a remote area where his family has a cabin. Lawrence tells often hilarious stories about how he went from resenting the place as a child to finding great meaning there later on in life.

I talked with Lawrence before his Regina book launch, when he had this to say about the area:

The thing about there is that it’s so incredibly quiet: there’s no roads, so there’s no traffic sounds. Just birds. When someone’s out on the water fishing, you can hear them at the cabin. They can be two kilometres away and we can hear their conversation because of the sound travelling across the water with no interference whatsoever. I think the people who get it are the people who settle in, they go with the rhythm of nature, and they go with the flow. They don’t try to fight it. Anytime they try to fight Desolation Sound, they get chewed up, spat out, sometimes even killed.

Read the rest of my interview here. And now, just for the hell of it, here’s the New Pornographers track the book is named after.