I don’t know if you remember Stylus Magazine, but it was one of the best online music mags going until it folded, kinda suddenly in 2007. One of my favourite Stylus writers, the infamous Sick Mouthy, has launched The Music Diary Project, which he describes like this:

The idea is simple. For seven days this April, from Monday the 4th to Sunday the 10th, anyone who wants to take part will keep a diary of everything they listen to, and publish it online somewhere.

Yup, simple as that. Mouthy has a list of participating diarists on his blog, a list which is sure to grow. What the hell, I’m doing it too. You can follow my progress at Emmet Listens, a special blog I created just for the event. I recommend you get take part as well, let’s get some Canadian voices heard in this mess.