What is this, Tea Party U.S.A.? From CBC:

A Saskatchewan Conservative candidate says the federal government has decided to cut funding to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, a decision he says influenced by pro-life supporters.

The decision on whether to fund the organization has not yet been announced. But Brad Trost, the incumbent candidate for Saskatoon-Humboldt, told the Saskatchewan ProLife Association’s annual convention last Saturday that anti-abortion supporters who signed petitions played a big role.

In a recording of his speech, obtained by CBC News, Trost can be heard thanking those who had signed the petitions, saying his office was involved in spearheading the petition campaign along with other members of Parliament.

“Let me just tell you, I cannot tell you specifically how we used it, but those petitions were very, very useful and they were part of what we used to defund Planned Parenthood because it has been an absolute disgrace that that organization and several others like it have been receiving one penny of Canadian taxpayers dollars,” Trost told the group to applause.

This MP is not a rouge rogue extremist–this is the attitude of the Stephen Harper Conservatives. They’re riddled with religious kooks* (and don’t get me started on their homophobia).

This is just terrible. If you support this party as it is currently behaving, you clearly oppose woman’s rights and more importantly their health.

You should reconsider your political affiliation this election. Unless you’re comfortable with all the nice, smart, funny people thinking you’re an asshole.

*Get used to this mean term–I’m bringing it back because it’s accurate, memorable shorthand for a certain brand of lunacy the Conservatives are uniquely prone to among political parties. If you are religious and not a kook, I’m not talking about you. “Religious” is the adjective, not the noun. The key word is “kook”.