A few weeks ago, the University of Regina’s website was taken down by a hacker. When I visited it that day, the U of R had managed to get their front page to at least show a message saying the site was down. When my dear old dad visited it earlier in the day, he told me it was a picture of someone giving him the finger.

Shanan Sorochynski, the person behind YOURBlog, just posted an account of how the university tried to communicate what was up to students. Interesting stuff:

This was the first time social media had been on our department’s radar during a situation like this. Generally our eyes and ears are focused on traditional media (print, radio, television).

In the aftermath we might go to online news sites and read the comments. But that was it.

Now we do a bit of social media monitoring and have our own social media properties in play.

Read the whole thing here.