My husband and I have been living in the U.S.A. for seven months now. It’s a great, though sometimes bizarre, experience. We live in a country that can seem so similar to home, and yet so different – particularly with the political climate.

Now to be fair, we are lucky to be somewhat sheltered from the more intense rhetoric that exists here. The type of rhetoric that can make me uncomfortable to be outside of my own country. We live in Vermont – a small, largely rural state in New England (not unlike Saskatchewan actually…but that is for another post). It is mostly represented by the Dems, and it is the¬†only state to ever elect a socialist Senator (go Bernie!).

For us Vermont feels a little closer to home — which makes sense since we are quite close to home, geographically speaking. But today I read something that made it feel a little closer still – Vermont is poised to bring in State-wide single payer health care within the next five years!

I say, let’s just go ahead and adopt them as our 11th Province or 4th Territory right now!