1 THE ULTIMATE IN AWESOME. A photo of the late Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusak, Johnny Depp, and a blow-up love doll. Yes, I said, John Cusak. (Film Drunk)

2 CHARLIE SHEEN IS BROKE? Addicts aren’t good at money management. Who knew? (The Blemish)

3 IN A PRESS RELEASE, STEPHEN HARPER ISSUED HIS APPROVAL BBC reporters captured by Qadaffi forces in Libya were the subject of a mock execution. (Toronto Star). Even worse, nobody’s heard from a Guardian reporter who’s also there to cover the turmoil … (The Guardian)

4 WHO ARE WE FIGHTING IN AFGHANISTAN, ANYWAY? One week after the president of Afghanistan refused NATO’s apology over killing nine children, his cousin is killed by NATO forces. (The Telegraph) NATO’s response? Fuggetaboutit.

5 AND YET 25 PER CENT OF CANADIANS BELIEVE STEPHEN HARPER DOESN’T WANT AN ELECTION Then why is the Canadian government going to spend $4 million in PR to promote the budget? (Globe And Mail) Maybe because King Steveo doesn’t want anybody else to know how much in contempt of Parliament he’s in … (Toronto Star)

6 ONE LAW FOR YOU, ONE LAW FOR THEM Ashley Cole, a fullback with Chelsea and the English national soccer team, shot a student with an air rifle at close range: Cole won’t face charges. (The Guardian) Zdeno Chara won’t face a suspension after nearly decapitating Montreal Canadiens’ forward Max Pacioretty. (Toronto Star). And now members of a rural Texas high school basketball team are accused of raping an 11-year old girl, and even the New York Times is more worried about the athletes than they are about the accused. (Jezebel). Given all that, this New England Patriot player who’s accused of shooting two people – one of them in the head – late last month is just doing his good deed for the day. (Deadspin)

And now, your AC/DC moment of Zen.

Not only to mention … what hath Montgomery Scott wrought?