A couple of weeks ago, in a Top Six post, I mentioned how Christians in Cairo during the height of the anti-government riots used themselves as human shields to prevent the police, then under Mubarak’s orders, from storming the square and breaking heads while the Muslim participants in the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ were in the midst of afternoon prayers.

So, how do Christians behave towards Muslims in the land of the free and the home of the brave? We go to Yorba Linda, California, (the birthplace of Richard Nixon) where the Muslim community wanted to help establish a battered women’s shelter and homeless shelters. And the result of those seeking to help their fellowman? Why, that’s … UN-AMERICAN! AND UN-CHRISTIAN! (Yahoo news)

You know, Woody Guthrie was right. If Jesus preached in America the way he preached in Galilee, they’d lay Jesus Christ in his grave.