1 ATOMIC MENACE More explosions and general, meltdowny awfulness at Japanese nuclear plants. Also, the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is expected to reach tens of thousands. There’s a lot of horrible happening in the stricken country. Oh, and now the reactors’ (yes plural) fuel rods are apparently melting. Which is apparently really, really bad. Oh and 1,000 bodies washed up so that’s swell.

2 LIBYAN FORCES GAIN MORE GROUND Story here. So how about that no-fly zone? Hello?

3 GLOBE THEATRE SUES LANDLORD The Globe’s Ruth Smillie says the building is in a state of neglect and the landlord won’t make necessary repairs. “That can’t be true,” quips Greg Beatty from the other end of the office. “It’s an arts building. It’s got to be well maintained.”

4 WHOSE ADS ARE THEY ANYWAY? The Canadian government spent $26 million of public money on thinly disguised Conservative propaganda a charity ad-buy to help ailing media outlets advertising for Canada’s economic action plan, which is being slammed as a partisan initiative. This from the politicians who once complained about public money for political campaigns. Hilarious.

5 WHO WANTS A SPRING ELECTION? The NDP are resigned to one, sounds like. Also, in case you missed it, three Conservative MPs announced they’d be leaving politics over the weekend and two of them are cabinet ministers and one of them has long appeared to hold kooky religious beliefs which have no place in the brains of people charged with running a country.

6 ACCESS TO DISINFORMATION Filing an access to information request might soon be more expensive. I suppose it’s expensive to draw all those black lines through all the embarrassing details.

BONUS! Has the legendary lost city of Atlantis been found?