CORRECTION: As Greg pointed out in the comments, I got my Wolf rock wrong in item two. It’s been fixed.

1 WHALE SAYS “FUCK” In a series of tweets this morning (check them here and here), Vancouver band Said the Whale revealed that a bunch of their gear got jacked. They’re down in the States, making their way to South by Southwest. The band’s been good enough to tour through Regina a bunch of times – they have an upcoming date booked here with Tokyo Police Club and Dinosaur Bones for April 14 – and even feature Rah Rah’s Erin Passmore on their last album. Here’s hoping they can get some support and finish off their tour.

2 IN OTHER REGINA-RELATED MUSIC NEWS It’s just been announced that Kid Rock is coming back to town. He was last here with Bon Jovi when a bunch of people really dug him. In other Rock news, the NAACP is boycotting him.


4 WHAT ARE MPS UP TO WHEN THEY’RE MISSING VOTES? The Globe wants to know. They’ve at least been able to gather that some are missing a huge number of votes. Saskatchewan looks all right in all this, with only Andrew Sheer making the list of MPs who’ve missed the most votes, and he’s on the low end of the list.

5 NEW YORK NEEDS TO GET ITS PRIORITIES STRAIGHT Opposing bike lanes? That’s just screwy. Now, taking away Julie Taymor’s Broadway baby before she completely smothers it? That’s sensible.

6 THIS ONE’S FOR THE LADIES It’s International Women’s Day! To celebrate, think about checking out the Tournament of Books, a great competition that admits that the results will be pretty arbitrary. This year, the authors of the competing novels are 50/50 women and men. Also, tomorrow’s judge will be Jennifer Weiner, the novelist who made waves when she joined fellow author Jodi Picoult in calling out the New York Times‘ coverage of books by women authors.

BONUS Comics Alliance posted this great video for the new Power Rangers series, where all the Power Rangers from all of the series that have run come together to battle some aliens: