1 CAPITAL POINTE CONDO PROJECT IS NO LONGER STALLED Ah HA! So it WAS stalled! I knew it! I knew the fact that The Plains was still standing three months after its forecast demolition meant something was screwy.

2 GRANDSTANDING, CYNICAL TORY BILL DESIGNED TO APPEAL TO RACISTS IS PERHAPS NOT ENTIRELY WITHOUT MERIT Well, really, First Nations chief and councillor salaries should be public knowledge. Story is here. I wouldn’t mind reading some analysis on this by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. Anyone have a link to share?

3 IT’S “THE HARPER GOVERNMENT”, NOT THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA Conservatives think they’re bigger than the country. From the CBC:

“It’s not the Harper government, it’s not Stephen Harper’s government, it’s the government of all Canadians,” Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc told CBC News. “This is unprecedented. You’d expect this kind of directive to be issued by the information ministry of North Korea.”

Leblanc is quite correct. Here’s another report on this, from the Toronto Star.

4 AS A SIDE NOTE, PERHAPS ONE SHOULDN’T EMIGRATE TO A WONDERFUL, TOLERANT COUNTRY IF ONE IS ANTI-GAY  The Conservatives have been caught using government office supplies for party politics, tsk tsk.

5 JACK LAYTON NEEDS HIP SURGERY He just realized this now?

6 MIDDLE EAST MAYHEM Protesters gassed in Libya, protesters shot in Yemen, protesters offered accommodation in Egypt.

LET’S HAVE SOMETHING FUNNY TO CHEER US UP Oh Luke, you’re the worst rebel scout ever.